Aidan Turner – I mean ‘Poldark’ : Series 2 Episode 1

*NO SPOILERS* Despite the title ^ I didn’t JUST watch this for a much-anticipated weekly dose of Aidan Turner, I do love the programme…. and him – so I’d say the balance is round about 50/50 and I say that with zero shame. What with Sky, Netflix and Amazon Video at my disposal these days, I do sometimes overlook the fantastic dramas that the BBC produce time and time again but Poldark was one that managed not to escape my notice.  As a huge fan of the novels by Winston Graham, I was so chuffed when series one didn’t disappoint. 

The episode pretty much starts where it left off.  Ross is released on bail and returns home to Demelza.  Both still heartbroken by the loss of their baby Julia, they try to find comfort in one another, Ross able to shrug off the trial he must attend and Demelza terrified for his life.  Elizabeth still wrecked with guilt over the death of Julia, she uses h6dc71211390c76dbc5a48440b60c268ber friendship with George Warleggan to help Ross, not realising that he’s the slime ball behind Ross’s downfall in the first place.  Francis continues to mope around for the majority of the episode after losing his fortune and gambling his family’s mine away during a game of cards.  But then you can’t help but feel slightly sorry for Francis, having always been jealous of Ross, being stuck with that God awful hair cut and carrying this pathetic demeanour about him day in day out.  Then again at the same time, you feel more sorry for Elizabeth having to always put up with it and you just want her to turn around and tell him to grow a pair.  Then for once I was pleasantly surprised, Francis did indeed finally stand up for himself to that pathetic weasel George and in modern words pretty much told him to go f*** himself.  Never thought I’d see the day where I would cheer Francis along.  Jack Farthing plays the role of money hungry villain all too well, with his slimy smarmy charm, up everyone’s back side and worming his way into Elizabeth’s affections. Then the ending left us hanging again not just with Ross waiting to attend his trial the next morning but also with the shocking event that takes place in the last few seconds that got me shouting at the tv I was so shocked.  

The episode was pretty slow but of course we had to be introduced to new characters! While us ladies drooled over Ross, the male viewers had a nice bit of eye candy to admire in the name of English rose Gabriella Wilde. I’ve only seen her in Endless Love and The Three Musketeers, which didn’t really show off her talent but I think she’ll have a lot to offer to the story.  Looks like a romance will blossom between her and the very handsome Doctor Dwight Enys. Credit for this must of course go to her pug Horace who played a very convincing sick dog, that led to his mistress sort of flirting and asking Dwight about his Spaniel. Although the situation was slightly lame, I guess it was rather cute and you just know that he’s likely to be the guy in the series that brings out the good in her and rid her of her slightly spoilt degallery-1472995290-11475127-low-res-poldarkmeanor.


No doubt the love triangle between Ross, Demelza and Elizabeth is likely to flare up.  Although it’s pretty hard to dislike either, I doprefer Ross with Demelza but I have a feeling that this series will explore his relationship with Elizabeth more.  As always, the episode’s most intense conversations took place on the cliffs overlooking the gorgeous Cornish coastline, which I’m sure all Cornish people do right? Yeah okay, that’s slightly unnecessary but I do enjoy the scenery on-screen, it plays a huge part. I’m sad to say that I was only given a small helping of shirtless Ross, but both scenes certainly didn’t disappoint.  We have plenty of time to see him doing many more shirtless shifts down the mine so relax ladies…. and gents.  

Although the first episode saw a drop in ratings, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Even if you didn’t watch the last series, it’s pretty easy to pick up on what’s going on, so don’t let that stop you! I’ll 100% be tuning in next Sunday to see the outcome of last nights unbelievably tragic ending! 



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