** NO SPOILERS ** Even though it’s being reviewed the world over right now, I had to write a post on HP and the Cursed Child, the sequel to my favourite ever book series.  I couldn’t not!  I promise I’ll try my absolute best not to be biased but as I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, that may be quite difficult for me.  Being so wrapped up in work and other commitments recently, I did not pre-order the book, my plan was to order it once I had heard a few opinions on it.  But on Sunday a mysterious package arrived at home because dad had pre-ordered it for me, the sweetie! So I got reading straight away.

First impressions – it felt so peculiar reading a new Harry Potter story.  I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve read the series but I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows about nine years ago, so reading this script felt like I was being reunited with people I’d known from my childhood.

The story itself – Set nineteen years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny have three children.  But it’s Albus Severus Potter-the middle child, that the story focuses around.  Best friends with Harry’s ex arch nemesis’ son, Scorpius, the two set off on a time travel adventure attempting to right a certain wrong of the past. But when it all goes awry, the old Hogwartians join them to help defeat a new enemy who is also trying their best to change the past….

From the people who’ve seen the play, I’ve heard a lot of complaints against the script saying that it is disappointing reading it on its own in comparison to watching the play??? Well of course the script will be disappointing in comparison to the actual play!  Doesn’t that kind of go without saying?? Anyway, I found the story and characters as strong as ever and it keeps you wondering what the outcome will be at the end of the play.  It was kind of cheesy in places and at the beginning it felt slightly amateur, kind of like a fan fiction (pains me to say it,) but towards the end of the play, it felt less amateur and made me feel nostalgic.  If you’ve been wondering what the Harry Potter craze is all about and you’ve shown no interest in it before now then I’m not sure you’ll be convinced if you read the play.  Unfortunately it doesn’t give any indication, in my opinion, of how fantastic the books are.  But that’s just it, people will automatically compare this to the books (like I did), when it’s a play not a novel and the two are completely different!

It took me two days to read, so I THINK I can safely say that I enjoyed it…. Who am I kidding, OF COURSE I enjoyed it, I loved it!  It was easy to read, contains everything you’d expect in a HP story, action, baddies, spells, creatures, old characters, new characters, places, times, friendship, love and not to mention, Snape!  (Hope that doesn’t give away too much but I couldn’t not mention him!)  Of course this play was going to bigged up so much that it was bound to disappoint some people.  Like with a lot of things, I try not to raise my expectations and I’ll always keep an open mind.  Therefore my verdict is, if you’re a Potter fan then get reading, because I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, it’s an excellent read.



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  1. You’re dad is so sweet! I didnt buy immediately, i waited for the ebook and i finished reading immediately! Typical potthead. I expected this to be a fan fiction (hehe) so no disappointments for me on that part, but it did transcend my expectations… You are right! Characters are strong as ever and i so want to ask u what do u think of….. and…..why didnt…. warn…. about…. But that would anger your readers who havent read the book yet!

    Awesome review!

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