Shop Aussie this Summer

For all you Brit ladies out there after a new summer wardrobe… 

Last year I discovered an Australian clothing brand called Sabo Skirt.  I witnessed its popularity explode on social media and like so many other young ladies, I became obsessed.  I’ve never been to Australia but I’ve always wanted to go!  I’m just another one of those Brits forever wishing that our summers could last a little longer.  When the sun does decide to make an appearance we do have some lovely weather!  And boy do we all go out and make the most of it, as if we’re never going to have another day like it ever again.  Despite the fact that we have tons more rainy cold days then we do sunny and hot ones, I still enjoy buying summer clothes for myself.  After snooping around on Instagram, I discovered many more Australian clothing brands like Sabo Skirt that I want to tell you about, if you don’t already know about them!  

Most of my friends have been on the Sabo website or have at least heard of them.  But when they complimented me on a few other bits I’d bought online elsewhere, not one of them had heard of the sites I was talking about.  So that led me to believe that there are no doubt many other lady Brits out there, that are unaware of these awesome brands.  So this is literally just me advertising my favourites.  Like I said before, they all have a lot in common, so I’m going to describe them all together.  But before I talk about the clothes themselves, I just want to quickly mention that the models these brands use for their clothing are absolutely gorgeous (obviously).  Although I’m super envious that a lot of the girls in the pictures are tanned and walking along white sandy beaches, the clothes look amazing on them.  It’s great to see models that look so healthy and happy!

So aside from Sabo Skirt, there’s also…

Little Lace

Mura Boutique

Mishkah Fashion

Dissh Boutique

Tiger Mist

Petal and Pup

Dolly Girl Fashion

Runway Scout

Sundays the Label

So onto the clothes… they’re effortlessly chic and flirty, ranging in colours from nudes, greys and whites, to pastels, brights and stripes, checks and floral patterns, you name it.  The dresses and playsuits are mostly holiday casual but the sort that can be dressed up as well.  Some of the bigger sites offer a wider selection to choose from including more formal options.  Whether you’re looking for swimwear, sleepwear, undies or sports gear, something is bound to catch your eye on one of these sites.  Everything is more than reasonable but obviously it depends how much you’re willing to pay for a summer dress!  The average price in £s for a playsuit / jumpsuit / dress etc. across all of these brands, is round about the £30 mark.  In comparison to some UK high street stores like Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins, I’d say the quality of the clothes is similar but these Aussie brands work out better value for money.  

The shipping costs do range slightly but they’re not astronomical.  Not when you think that in this country, there are some high street brands that still charge about a fiver for delivery, even when you’re only spending £10 on a top in the first place!  So I guess it depends on how much you’re going to spend in one shop in order for it to be worth it.  For a brand as big as Sabo Skirt, the shipping is a lot cheaper than it used to be.  The cheapest you can pay is $10 Aussie dollars so just over £5 and yeah you’d probably have to wait about two weeks but I never had any issues receiving my orders, so I think it’s definitely worth the extra money.  However, for other sites it can be about £12 for delivery, so yeah if you only want a T-shirt, I’m not so sure it’s worth it but if it’s e.g a dress for an event, then I’d bite the bullet and do it because I couldn’t have been happier with the swing dress I ordered from Little Lace.  Just make sure that you check the delivery costs before you buy anything because you don’t want a nasty shock when the money gets taken out of your account! And I wouldn’t order anything too last-minute either, in case it doesn’t reach you in time.  

The only other downside I’ve noticed is that quite a few items on these sites sell out super fast.  I’m a size small and a lot of the time, I can’t find my size in what I want, so if you do see something you like, don’t waste time, just buy it!  It will no doubt be in high demand.  When I uploaded a picture of my playsuit to Instagram from Sabo Skirt, I had two people private message me asking if I wanted to sell it to them.  I haven’t had to return anything so far that I’ve bought because I’ve had no problems with the quality or the sizing of the clothes.  But then again, that’s a risk that you can’t avoid with online shopping so bear it in mind! 

So if you trust my judgment, have a looksy at these websites and see if there’s anything there that takes your fancy!  These sites give something cute, flirty, affordable and alternative to what our stores in the UK are offering right now.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 20.57.44
Sabo Skirt playsuit from last year





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